Beginning With a Single Step

*Sigyn begins her morning in a way that is quickly becoming routine. Walk the dog, get dressed in more professional attire than she wears while dog walking, make coffee and head to her office to start with the never-ending pile of correspondence that grows every time she turns her back. She leaves the door to her office open, now. Just in case she has more unwanted visitors. Or (more likely) there is some fire (sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively) that requires being extinguished while the other grownups are occupied elsewhere. Theo curls up under her desk and sighs, waiting for the boys to wake up so more fun can be had.*

Oh, pup. I wish I could offer more entertainment. *Sigyn scratches Theo’s ears* But, such is the way of adults, is it not? *sighs* All the adventures behind us. *begins drafting an email to the Secretary of State*