Earth CS-2: Times Change, But Not So Much

*There is always something, some fire that needs putting out immediately and somehow nobody else can do it but you, Sigyn. But even people so vitally important (or perhaps everybody else is just feigning incompetence so they don’t have to do any of the work) need to take a break sometime. So she dresses simply, a casual little dress that would not be out-of-place in a dive, and heads out.*

*She sighs to herself and runs a hand through her hair as she enters her favorite watering hole, the same timeless, dingy establishment that friend Logan had introduced her to all those years ago. Friend Logan was no longer exactly a “friend” but she still thinks of him fondly, and had not lost her taste for cigars or tequila and so, in times of stress, finds herself indulging in both.*

Mac: Heya, doll. The usual?

*She smiles as she climbs onto the stool* Of course. And a book of matches, if you would be so kind.

*Mac obliges and she lights her cigar, puffing idly, watching the Nicks game on the overhead tv.*

They will never progress to the playoffs if they do not improve their defensive maneuvers.